Friday, June 26, 2020

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Add a new subrule after 2.2.2 Designer Templates called “Permitted Widgets”.  Remove the following paragraph from its current place in 2.2.2 and insert it as the first paragraph of the new Permitted Widgets subrule, under the heading “Designer Label”:

A Designer Template shall have, as its topmost Widget, an Elementor “Heading” Widget, whose text must always be the same as the Designer Template’s name. The font size of this heading must be less than or equal to 24 pixels or 1.5 rems.

Then add the following below it:

Icon Box or Image Box

A Designer Template may have one of the following: (1) a single “Icon Box” Widget, OR (2) a single “Image Box” Widget. No image or icon within the chosen Widget may appear taller than 200 CSS pixels at any browser width. No text within it may have a font size greater than 24 pixels or 1.5 rems. Designers may create or upload any image to which they have distribution rights for use in an Image Box widget, so long as it does not violate any other rules.

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