Saturday, June 27, 2020

Times out 6-2. –Tantusar

Adminned at 29 Jun 2020 03:31:28 UTC

If the proposal “Think Inside the Box Inside the Box” failed, ignore the rest of this proposal.

Add the following to the end of “Permitted Widgets” subrule:


A Designer Template may have a single “Icon List” widget, with exactly three list items which unambiguously state the number of Products, Ideas, and Clients (collectively called Resources) owned by that Template’s Designer. The icons of these three items shall be “Box”, “Lightbulb”, and “User” respectively. No text within this Widget may have a font size greater than 24 pixels or 1.5 rems.

Add a new rule, called “Income”, with the following text:

When updating their Template, a Designer may increase the amount of a Resource they own by at most X, where X is the number of days since their last edit to the Template. This may only be done if the Template (prior to editing) contains an “Image Box” Widget or an “Icon Box” Widget matching that Resource.

An “Image Box” Widget is considered to match:

  • Clients, if it contains an image which shows a person.
  • Products, if it does not match Clients and contains an image which shows a man-made object.
  • Ideas, if it does not match any other Resource.

An “Icon Box” Widget is considered to match a Resource if it contains the icon used to represent that Resource, as defined under “Inventory” in the “Permitted Widgets” subrule.

Let’s see if we can use our Templates to track resources.

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  1. Josh says:


  2. Tantusar says:


  3. pokes says:

    :against: Elementor seems like a neat tool for collaborative design, but state tracking is a real mismatch.

  4. :against: Agree with pokes here: Worse version control than the wiki.

  5. Tantusar says:

    And here we hit upon the philosophical question of the dynasty: In what way is it reasonable to track gamestate? In this dynasty, and this dynasty only, the answer might be Elementor. Anywhere else and the wiki is definitely correct.

  6. aname says:

    CoV :def:

  7. Clucky says:


    I agree that the wiki is *probably* a better way to track gamestate.

    But this dynasty seems to be the perfect place to put that to the test. Maybe we’ll find tracking gamestate in Elementor actually weirdly works well for some reason. Or maybe we’ll find its completely horrible and know to never ever do it again.

  8. Trigon says:

    :for: While I don’t think gamestate tracking like this is generally a good idea for the reasons expressed by others above. However, since this dynasty is themed around Elementor, I think this could be a fun experiment.

  9. I’ll allow it! :for:

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