Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Timed Out. Passes 7-0. I think because it doesn’t have the CORE tag it does nothing though, right? — Clucky (06 Jul 2020 03:38:25 UTC)

Can confirm has no effect. –Tantusar

Adminned at 06 Jul 2020 03:58:56 UTC

In the rule Designers, to the end of the sentence “Admins at the main BlogNomic game shall become Admins of the BlogNomic WordPress test when they become a Designer of the BlogNomic WordPress test, unless they request otherwise”, add

, and any Admin at the main BlogNomic game may become an Admin of the WordPress Test game at any time by posting a notice to that effect. Upon the posting of such a notice, any other Admin should make the necessary profile changes at their earliest opportunity and comment to the Notice to confirm that they are complete.

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  1. “Earliesty” should be “earliest”, but otherwise this looks fine to me; thanks for writing a fix!

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    now to figure out how to actually pass proposals…

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